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Fans Show Up For Uneventful ‘I’m With Coco’ Rally In Chicago


About 100 fans turned out for the Conan O’Brien rally at NBC-5’s downtown headquarters yesterday in Chicago. There were just as many media outlets. With the backdrop of MLK day and the crisis in Haiti going on, the rally seemed somewhat, well – ridiculous. All those orange haired yahoos with their “I’m with Coco” signs. Mike Mitchel, the guy who started the grassroots movement and designed the now-iconic logo, tells The Chicago Tribune:

NBC, I think, has already made their mind up. Maybe [the protest] is more of a thing to show that there’s a lot of Conan fans.

Calm down people. It’s not like NBC is castrating Conan. They’re paying him a reported $30 million to resign as host of The Tonight Show. It’s like David Letterman said on last night’s program: Nobody really loses in this late night shuffle. Conan is rich, has legions of fans — especially after this debacle — and will undoubtedly get a new show elsewhere…a better show.

Conan is great and all, but he’s not really suited to The Tonight Show anyway. He belongs on a network that will let him run wild and be himself — not a place that neuters him in order to appeal to a wider audience. Plus, Jay Leno has also been humiliated, too — maybe more so — and if he’s willing to return to the 10:30C/11:30E time slot under these heated, unbelievably negative conditions, then let him have it! The man obviously has no shame.

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