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HV Article About Shelley Duvall Mentioned On “How Was Your Week” Podcast

July 19th, 2013 No comments

Thanks to Jen. J. Walker for sending author, podcaster and performer Julie Klausner a link to our article about actress Shelley Duvall. The article is titled “Shelley Duvall: The Update You Didn’t Want” and based on Klausner’s reaction to to it, on the latest episode of her podcast “How Was Your Week,” she clearly didn’t want to find out that, as of 2009, the actress was living in Texas and claming that there were, “aliens living in her body.” The link was sent to Klausner after she and Rachel Lichtman revealed “their mutual desire to be pals with Shelley Duvall,” during a recent segment on “How Was Your Week.”


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