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Howard Stern Blasts Alejandro González Iñárritu

March 7th, 2016 No comments

Last year Howard Stern announced he was not a fan of Alejandro González Iñárritu‘s Birdman. On his Sirius radio show, he said:

I thought Birdman was the biggest piece of shit… I thought it was pretentious. Listen, I’ve seen movies about acting, especially about Broadway — A Chorus LineAll That Jazz — that handled this subject so much better. I think it gets these accolades because actors love to see shit about actors.

After the Oscar telecast last week, he again expressed his dislike for Birdman and its director.

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‘Through The Looking Glass’ Trailer Stays On Trend

March 6th, 2016 No comments

When it was released in the spring of 2010, Tim Burton‘s Alice in Wonderland was at the forefront of the 3D trend, and the first major Hollywood release to utilize the technology following Avatar‘s global success.  Now for the sequel, Through the Looking Glass, the filmmaker’s are on board with another trend in the cinema; using slowed down cover songs in movie trailers. Making use of the classic Jefferson Airplane song, “White Rabbit,” Disney is clearly hoping that the amped up version of the 60s classic will help it gross the billion dollars, that the original did, when it opens in theaters on May 27th.

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