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Guy Ritchie Remaking ‘Guys and Dolls’


So apparently Guy Ritchie is in Hollywood writing the script for a remake of the classic Guys and Dolls. Let’s hope he does a better job with it than he did with his last remake, Swept Away, which, at the very least, we can thank for Madonna‘s retirement from the wonderful world of acting. A source tells the British newspaper The Sun:

Guy has been on the case with the idea of making a musical recently. He had been throwing ideas around with Jason Stratham about their writing their own musical. Guy has had a lot of meetings with top studio bosses about other projects but the Guys and Dolls idea really tickled him. He is torn between keeping the script true to the original in New York and taking it to familiar surroundings in London.”

Hmm. Now there’s an idea. He could even cast Benicio Del Toro in the Frank Sinatra role and give him an indecipherable Cockney accent!

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