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Celebrities Fight Back As The Prop 8 Debacle Dregs On


On Tuesday, California legislators voted to not overturn the controversial proposition 8, which was shockingly voted in favor of last November. That means that all the gay marriages that were consummated prior to the election are now still illegal. Celebrities have been quick to voice their disapproval over this latest development.

Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres says:

I’m sure you heard the Prop 8 news. One day when everyone is treated with full equality, we’ll look back and realize how wrong this was.”

Comedian Kathy Griffin is even angrier:

My 89 year old mother has asked me to get her a wheelchair to take her to a protest tonight, even though she isn’t in the greatest of health. She is neither gay, nor the parent of a gay person, but she is as passionate about this decision as I am. I am so proud to march with her. Shame on the CA Supreme Court for this decision that history will not look back on fondly.”

I’m glad celebrities are speaking out, but where were they during election season? Where were any gay rights supporters during that time? We certainly know how busy the other side was.

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