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‘Angels and Demons’: DOA

angelsThe Da Vinci Code phenomenon was one of those things that comes along every so often and causes a mass market feeding frenzy like the Harry Potter or the Twilight series. I wonder if they’re still doing Da Vinci Code-themed tours at the Louvre that they were offering when I visited the museum in the summer of 2006. That remains one of the more absurd examples of cross-promotion I’ve ever seen. Buy the book! See the movie! Take the Da Vinci Code tour of the Louvre!

The deadly literal 2006 movie adaptation was a behemoth of blockbuster; nonsensical at its most action-packed and laughable in its serious moments.  Turns out the sequel’s even more of a dud, getting a rating of 38% from Rotten Tomatoes. As usual there was one sole defender.  Roger “don’t forget he also liked The Women remake” Ebert writes that Ron Howard‘s opus “succeeds” and has “fabulous production values.” Go figure.

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