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THE WEEKEND MARQUEE: ‘Up’, Up And Away…To ‘Hell’

Disney Pixar UP teaser movie billboard

After an overloaded slate of Memorial Day blockbusters, this weekend is shaping up to be a little  more relaxed. There are only two major releases: Pixar’s latest 3-D animated comedy Up and Sam Raimi‘s Evil Dead throwback, Drag Me To Hell. Talk about counter-programming! It’s family-friendly fun vs. a campy, blood-soaked thrill ride! And the good news is that these films were both unanimously praised.

Michael Phillips of the Chicago Tribune writes:

The 3-D effects here are subtle and lovely, emphasizing depth (and depth of feeling) over gimmickry, but this is one 3-D animated feature that holds up terrifically well in plain old 2-D. Like all the best Pixar work, Up will work one way for one age group or sensibility and quite another for a different group… It is almost unbearably moving—an emotional and cinematic powerhouse.”

As for Drag Me To Hell, Colin Colvert of the Minneapolis Star Tribune had this to say:
The characters are solid, the shocks are grab-your-heart-medicine scary, the story glides from twist to twist with diabolical grace. And it’s damned funny.”
And this time Raimi’s film  is supposed to be funny, unlike his last effort, the dreadfully mis-toned Spider Man 3.

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