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Demi Moore And Ashton Kutcher: A-List ‘Twits’ With Way Too Much Time On Their Hands

demi2Stars Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore have taken a strong liking to the social networking site Twitter, which begs the question of whether there are actually readers out there bored enough to be following these two. Say it ain’t so. Moore, in particular, posts frequently and one of her favorite subjects is singer Susan Boyle. This inadvertently led to a mini-Twitter meltdown involving Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden.

Ms. Holden got wind of Moore’s raves and sent her an invitation to fly over for the show’s finale using Simon Cowell‘s private jet. It appears as though she jumped the gun, however, as Cowell had already offered them first-class plane tickets rather then personally jetting them over. This resulted in Holden desperately backtracking via Twitter:

Message for Demi!! Please someone get this to her as I am still rubbish at twittering. Simon says Yes!! But to first class tickets!!! The final is this Saturday, we’ll put you up in Dorchester and roll out the red carpet!!

Moore promptly responded:

What no private plane? lol.  Generous offer! Thank you! And thank Simon!

Yikes. Why is Holden so desperate to have the Hollywood power couple in the audience? Boyle, with 100 million YouTube views to her name, will be the real star of the night. And isn’t it funny how natural Moore tries to come across in her response? Like people are really going to think, “Oh, Demi’s pretending to be mad about not getting an extravagant private jet…and she used the term ‘lol’…wow, she’s sooo down to earth”.

And, if you can believe it, that wasn’t the only Twitter headline for Moore and Kutcher this week. The Daily Variety reports that the company behind the site, which is based out of San Francisco, has plans to launch a reality TV show that will feature fans trying to track down celebrities using the Internet. These plans obviously upset the famous tweeting twosome despite co-founder Biz Stone calling it:

a lightweight, non-exclusive agreement.

On Monday, Kutcher posted:

It’s all fun and games until somebody gets stalked.

And Moore wrote:

I hope this isn’t true – if it is our Twitter time may come to a quick and sad end.

Yeah, sad for who?

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