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‘Basic Instinct’ Star Is Stone Cold Crazy In Turkey


Sharon Stone has certainly managed to stay on the edge of Hollywood’s periphery since the humiliatingly disastrous reception of Basic Instinct 2 in 2006. And now her second career seems to consist of attending various red carpet and charity events. Want Stone to host your event? It’ll cost ya. Just this past weekend, she was paid a whopping $1.5 million to emcee the launch party for the expensive luxury resort Mardan Palaca in Antalya, Turkey. The other celebrity guests on the list, who must have been compiled at random by drawing names from a hat, included Mariah Carey, Tom Jones and Paris Hilton. Each of the celebrities were paid the same as Stone, except that they didn’t have to do anything besides grace the event with their presence. If only Stone could’ve been so lucky.

While she looked ravishing, the Turkish attendees were less than impressed with her “turkey” of a speech. Stone came across as unprepared, loopy and air-headed, especially when attempting to pronounce Turkey’s neighboring ally Azerbaijan. She crowed, “Azerbaijan? What is that? I can’t pronounce this! Chaka Khan! Chaka Khan!” (for the record, it’s pronounced “a-zur-by-JAHN”). So I guess it’s back to the open mic circuit for the Catwoman star, who might need to to refine her material a little bit (although sometimes there’s nothing you can do to fix “crazy”). For more of Stone’s antics, watch her bizarre red carpet rant at the recent Cannes Film Festival and one of her erratic appearances on Ellen (both posted below).

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