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Andy Rooney: “I Will Work Until I Drop”; Admits He Doesn’t Know Who Lady Gaga Is

Many would consider the age of 91 well the past the age of retirement, a time to relax and take it easy. Andy Rooney, who will turn 92 in January, says he has no plans to retire. In an interview with TVNewser he says:

How long am I going to work? How long am I going to live? That’s the question. I will work until I drop, or until I lose my head. Until somebody tells me different, I’m not going to quit.

Rooney has been appearing on the long running CBS news program 60 Minutes since 1964, when he filmed his first segment, titled, “An Essay On Doors.” He says he is still confident that he can deliver the same quality as he has in the past:

My work is as good as it ever was. Nobody [at CBS] says I should step down. I know the producer Jeff Fager well. He’s a good guy, a friend of mine. Don Hewitt[the late creator/exec producer of 60] was a lot tougher to work for than Jeff is. He was more critical of what I did.

Entering into the 34th season, he says he doesn’t even remember the last time he filled out a contract:

It doesn’t mean anything. They [management] don’t even call me about it. They’re not changing the amount of money I make, which is plenty. I’m just here. I’ll be here until I die or get too sick to work. I suppose I’ve made some concessions to age, but I’m not aware of them. I seem to be feeling good, but I’ll probably say that on the day I die. I’d be the last one to know.

Although Rooney may still be at the top of his game, he admitted to MTV News that he finds it impossible to stay updated on certain aspects of pop culture. He said:

I don’t know who Lady Gaga is. But kids today probably don’t know who Ella Fitzgerald was. I think we can call it even.

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