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Judd Apatow Still Sore About ‘The Cable Guy’


As if having every single one of your wildly over-praised films become box office hits isn’t enough comeuppance, Judd Apatow now wants people to re-visit one of his past failures from 13 years ago. The Cable Guy, a project which he produced and starred Jim Carrey at the height of his fame, was critically panned and had so-so returns. Apatow tells WENN:

It cost 42 (million dollars) and it made 60 here (in America) and 40 overseas, and we thought, ‘That’s alright, no one can get hurt there,’ but the expectation was that it was gonna make a bazillion dollars and so it was treated like this gigantic disaster.”

Sorry, Judd, nobody has thought about that film in a long time, much less how much money it made.  Just enjoy your success now…until the next Cable Guy.

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