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Barbara Walters And Her Lifelong ‘Audition’


Driving from Minneapolis to Chicago yesterday, the highly entertaining audiobook for Barbara Walter‘s Audition definitely helped to get me through the stop-and-go Memorial Day weekend traffic jam. For those who haven’t read the book, it tells Walters’ life story, starting from her tumultuous early years with her mentally challenged sister and show-biz empresario father Lou Walters to her reign as America’s foremost television personality after breaking the glass ceiling of the TV news business.

Walters also leaves no mystery as to what the metaphor behind the book’s title is. Here are some of the “audition” related quotes from the book:

-My life has been one long audition.”

-This is part of the package that I am about to unwrap for you.  I am going to audition for you now.”

And after almost every stage of her career she seems to have the line:

-And there I was auditioning yet again.”

And on and on. If I had a nickel for every time the word “audition” is mentioned in Audition, I think I would be able to buy a major-league baseball team and then have enough leftover for a house in Martha’s Vineyard.

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