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‘Avatar’ Racking Up ‘Titanic’ Interest


This Friday, James Cameron‘s long-awaited follow-up to Titanic, the 3D epic Avatar, will be unveiled at 104 specially-selected IMAX theaters across the country. Sort of. It’s actually going to be a 16 minute preview, similar to the screening at last month’s Comic-Con Festival. In a promotional gimmick, free tickets were promised to fans visiting the official Avatar website. Not only did every screening sell out faster than you can say “box office gold”, but there was so much interest that the website itself crashed.

The Hollywood Reporter released this comment on the matter:

Given that Avatar, James Cameron’s first narrative feature since 1997’s Titanic promises a display of cutting-edge technology, the site snafu was something of an embarrassment.”

They also reported that some lucky ticketholders are now offering their passes for upwards of $300. Thanks, but I think I’ll wait ’til December and experience the whole film at once. And it’ll only cost me $10 (assuming those studio vultures don’t raise ticket prices again).

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