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Comedy Central will go back to the ‘Futurama’


Philip J. Fry: “Dear Horse God, I know I don’t usually pray to you. Sometimes I doubt you even exist, but if you’re willing to grant me luck… please… stamp your hoof once.”

STAMP! Futurama fans can finally rejoice because their luck is about to change. The Fox-cancelled, Comedy Central-revived, DVD-selling, Adult Swim favorite will again see the light of day. Sheesh, who can keep up with this show’s journey anymore? After debuting ten years ago, series creator Matt Groening has fought every possible network battle.  And, in the end, he won. Futurama is a cartoon that just won’t fade away, especially now that Comedy Central has commissioned 26 new episodes to be aired next year (link to the Hollywood Reporter article here). It’s pretty remarkable how powerful fans can be sometimes. They bitched and moaned on internet message boards and then created fan sites.  But it was actually something else that kept Futurama in orbit: people kept following it from channel to channel, time slot to time slot. The same thing happened to that other Fox-canceled, DVD-selling, Adult Swim favorite Family Guy. It goes to show you that a TV series is never truly dead until it has aired on late-night cable, been released on DVD and then re-tested in a primetime slot again.

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