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Director Danny Boyle Rescues His ‘Slumdog’ Stars From The Slums


It looks as if Danny Boyle pulled a “Scrooge” recently, going from sour Hollywood player (according to Trainspotting star Ewan McGregor) to generous philanthropist. The acclaimed director set up a makeshift news conference in Mumbai today in response to the outrage caused by the release of photographs showing two of the stars of his film Slumdog Millionaire standing amidst the ruins of their shanty homes.

Earlier this month authorities had demolished them, leaving Rubina Ali, 9, Azharuddin Mohammed Ismael, 10, and their families homeless. Boyle stated in an AP news conference that he was, in fact, working on finding “legal accomodation” for both of the children.

He’s had quite a week. First he got to save his Slumdog tykes from poverty and then his former pal McGregor publicly stated that he has finally forgiven this year’s Best Director for their past squabble. God Bless Us Everyone.

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