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Susan Boyle: From Frumpy YouTube Sensation To Full-Blown Star


Susan Boyle, the frumpy YouTube sensation, made another triumphant appearance on Britain’s Got Talent Sunday evening. Sticking to the musical theatre songbook, she belted out a rousing version of “Memory” from Cats. It appears to have been a good choice, as her performance received the most votes from viewer polls (“Mr. Mistoffelees” might have had the opposite effect).

Boyle was overcome with joy when she found out that she was a front runner for the finale next Saturday:

“Fantastic, absolutely fantastic…What pressure? I’ve really enjoyed myself tonight.”

Between her recent makeover and her gaining momentum, Boyle has officially become 2009’s most unlikely singing star. See her performance below, followed by a series of related clips.

The original viral video that shot Boyle to instant fame:

This next clip is fascinating. It’s Boyle’s Good Morning America appearance post-“I Dreamed a Dream”. It’s hard to be sure if its actually Diane Sawyer interviewing Ms. Boyle or a pre-programmed talk show robot with the dial turned to “condescending, arrogant and cold.”

I’m sure what happened was that some intern forgot to serve Diane her tropical fruit plate on a golden pillow before the show and just used a regular pillow or miscalculated the proportion of mango and kiwi or something.

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