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What Happened To Brittany Murphy’s Career?

I was bored the other night and started skimming through the Netflix “watch instantly” list to find something that could occupy my brain for about ninety minutes. This was no easy task. While I was not expecting to find a masterpiece, I was somewhat dismayed to see what a dumping ground the “watch instantly” section is for straight-to-video movies like The Wedding Weekend and the recent rental hit The Code.

It’s nice that Netflix allows low budget features to find an audience that otherwise wouldn’t have been there, but so many of them are flat-out awful (like the afore-mentioned Wedding Weekend) that they don’t actually deserve an audience.  Such is the case with the movie that I ended up watching.

The Ramen Girl
, directed by Robert Ackerman (?), written by Becca Topol (?), and starring former Hollywood A-Lister Brittany Murphy, is about an American girl who gets left behind to fend for herself in Japan after getting dumped by her boyfriend. She ends up working in a nearby soup shop run by a cantankerous old man (Toshiyuki Nishida, pictured above on set with Murphy) and she becomes obsessed with learning the trade of making Ramen noodles. I kid you not. That is actually the movie’s plot.

While watching it (when I wasn’t dozing off), I kept thinking, “How hard is it to make Ramen noodles? You drop ’em in boiling water, wait two minutes and voilà.” The journey of learning how to make such a simple dish is hardly worthy of a movie.

Brittany’s only other major credit right now is as the voice of Luanne on King of the Hill. What happened to her? She showed up on a Paul Oakenfold track in 2006 and has been MIA ever since (except in junk like The Ramen Girl). I guess when a star fades, she fades fast. There may still be some hope for Brittany, though. The way upcoming Sin City 2 may be just the project she needs in order to resurrect her career. Or at the very least, it might save her from the dreaded Netflix “watch instantly” category.

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