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Brittany Murphy’s Bad Luck Continues: Producers Replace Her As Star Of Direct-To-Video Thriller ‘The Caller’


It can’t be easy as a Hollywood actress to bounce back from getting let go by your agent and manager on the same day and that’s exactly what happened to Brittany Murphy back in 2005. At the time her publicist released a statement saying:

It was a mutual departure based on the fact that they’re going in different directions.

Ever since her role in Sin City, that same year, she’s mostly been out of sight. Literally, in some cases, with her voice over work on Fox’s King of the Hill and in movies like Happy Feet.

Far removed from her heyday starring in trifles like Just Married and Little Black Book in the early 2000s, she now seems to pop up in seemingly random direct-to-video titles like last year’s The Ramen Girl. The bad press that has dogged her in the last few years will surely continue with the news that she’s been let go from the horror/thriller, The Caller, in which she played a divorcee who starts getting phone calls from a mysterious young woman.

The movie had begun filming in Puerto Rico, but that didn’t stop producers from giving Murphy the boot and replacing her with Twilight actress Rachelle Lefevre. Filming has already resumed since the switch. After reports surfaced that her difficult behavior on set and the fact that her husband Simon Monjack had gotten into fights with locals were among the reasons for her dismissal, her rep told Ok! Magazine,

She was not, nor has she ever been, fired from any job big or small. Mr. Monjack did not engage in any alleged scuffles. Though due to creative differences, Ms. Murphy and the production mutually parted ways. The allegations currently circulating on the Internet about Brittany Murphy and her husband, Simon Monjack, read like a fictional plot from one of the 50 plus movies Ms. Murphy has successfully completed without incident.

If the parting was indeed “mutual”  (which is coincidentally the same thing her publicist said in 2005) then maybe it had something to do with the fact that the New Jersey born actress seems to be using an English accent now, or at least she did for a loopy appearance on Craig Ferguson‘s show last April. Let’s just say it makes Guy Ritchie-era Madonna‘s fake accent pale in comparison.

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