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Bruce Campbell Looks Back on ‘The Evil Dead’ 30 Years Later, Says He And Director Sam Raimi Are “Too Busy” To Film Another Sequel

Bruce Campbell has played countless roles on TV and film, most recently on the hit cable series Burn Notice, but he is still best remembered for his role as Ash Williams from the Evil Dead series. Even though it’s been more than 30 years since the first installment of the horror trilogy launched Campbell’s career along with that of director Sam Raimi, the actor says he still finds himself promoting it. In an interview with the LA Times he said:

I’ve attended so many screenings of it and done so many interviews about it, I tend to keep the torch alive through a lot of my own activities. Wherever I go, it’s always going to come up.

In the interview, Campbell also talks about the advice he gives to aspiring filmmakers:

Whenever filmmakers ask, ‘Hey, how can I get my first feature going?’ I’m like, ‘Find two partners and get ready to flush four years down the toilet.’ It can be done, but you’ve got to work. If you’re a lazy filmmaker, you’re going to fail. We learned a good work ethic and we also learned the irony that we had more control over Evil Dead than Army of Darkness.

Campbell says that because the financing for the first two films came from Detroit businessmen, completely outside of the studio system, the filmmakers had total freedom. While the first two films were box office hits, the third movie, Army of Darkness fell short of expectations, grossing $11 million worldwide. The movie, which was  financed through Universal, was also a creative disappointment. The studio ended up chopping over 20 minutes of footage from the final cut.

A restored “director’s cut” of the film is currently available on DVD. When asked about whether there are any plans for another sequel, Campbell says he would only be interested if it was made outside the studio system:

We had complete control on our very first movie, and your very first movie is the one that you’re not supposed to have any control over. You make a movie and it makes $100 million and the filmmakers never get anything back. Guess what? We got something back because we own the movie, we own the negative. It’s just interesting. People are like, “Hey, when are you going to do another ‘Evil Dead’ movie?” I’m like, I’ll do another one when we get money from doctors and lawyers to do our own version. Then I’m interested again. I’m not interested in making a $60-million studio film with a bunch of 24-year-olds telling me what to do.

He adds that filming a follow up to Army of Darkness is on hold, since both his and Raimi’s schedules are full:

We both have day jobs now. The Evil Dead movies, you really have to lock up about two years of your life for each “Evil Dead” movie and we don’t really have the time right now. Sam says that he will gladly get back on that track, but right now he’s on that A-picture train and he’s getting a lot more creative freedoms afforded to him with his success. I don’t know that he needs to right now. And I’m kinda busy with the No. 1 show on cable. I don’t think about it a lot because I’m busy doing other stuff.

Although Sony pulled the plug on another Raimi-directed Spiderman movie, the director currently has 23 projects listed as “in development” on IMDb, so an Evil Dead sequel will most likely  be on the back burner for the foreseeable future.

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