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Chris Weitz Will Not Be Directing Fourth ‘Twilight’ Film


Summit Entertainment, the studio behind the Twilight series, just can’t make up its mind when it comes to hiring a director for the  ultra-popular franchise. Just days after the first film was released into theaters, the studio announced that it would be replacing director Catherine Hardwicke with an as yet unnamed director, who turned out to be Chris Weitz. Now, even as the studio is still celebrating New Moon‘s $685M worldwide grosses, it seems that Weitz will not be back to direct the third or fourth films. In a recent interview, the producer of the first two films, Wyck Godfrey tried to shed some light on the situation, saying:

I think everyone would be happy and excited if he came back, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.

While the studio is insisting that the changeover was Weitz’s decision, it could also have something to do with their worries over whether Weitz could handle the more special-effects heavy third and fourth installments, Weitz himself, has admitted in interviews that they aren’t his strong suit, telling the LA Times in November:

I have to say, I watched Hellboy 2 the other day, and I thought, ‘Wow, this guy really loves visual effects and he really, really, really knows how to stage them.’ I’m not that guy. I know the right people who know how to stage them. I can’t say that I relish them to the same degree that somebody like Guillermo del Toro does. That’s not my thing.

Swapping directors for each installment of a highly popular is a formula that the Harry Potter films perfected, so the changeover is most likely just Summit’s attempt to make sure each one is executed to the best of its earning potential. Even so, the studio probably has a right to be iffy about Weitz, since his last special effects bonanza The Golden Compass didn’t exactly cater to his strong suits. There’s no word with regards to who will be directing the final installment, although didn’t McG prove he had what it takes to helm a blockbuster after directing Terminator: Salvation? On second though, maybe not.

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