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Comic-Con 2009: A Festival In The Third Dimension

comicconOver 120,000 science-fiction, fantasy and comic book admirers will be gathering in San Diego at this years Comic-Con, which officially starts tomorrow and goes until Sunday. Kooky over-sized glasses will be the must-have accessory since all of the major movie studios are unleashing the floodgates of their upcoming 3D releases.

Quite a change from two years ago when Paramount couldn’t screen the 3D version of Beowulf because none of the theaters used for the event were even equipped with the right technology. This year’s lineup includes New Line’s The Final Destination, Sony’s Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, Disney’s A Christmas Carol and James Cameron‘s long awaited Avatar.

It remains to be seen whether Comic-Con will be a  good indicator of how these movies will fare at the box office or not. Last year’s screening of Watchmen was a huge success among an audience that must have been made up of a fair amount of comic book nerds who enjoyed the movie’s faithfulness to the source.

While its core audience enjoyed it, that attention to detail may have actually been what stopped it from being a huge hit when it finally arrived in theaters. On the other hand, the screening of The Spirit, also at last year’s convention, had more than its share of walkouts and went on to gross less than $20 million.

Link to the the official Comic-Con website here. Trailers for all the 3D movies being screened are posted below.

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