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Courtney Love Eyes A Return To Acting

Now that Courtney Love has a critically acclaimed new album under her belt and even apologized to David Letterman on his show for a drug induced flashing incident from 2004, she says she’s also thinking about augmenting her comeback tour with a return to acting. Love, who garnered an Oscar nomination for her role in The People vs. Larry Flynt in 1997 says she would consider taking on a movie role but that she wouldn’t want it to be her full time time gig. In a recent interview, she says she turned down several offers in high profile movies during the late 90s because she didn’t want to take time away from music:

When I first started acting I passed on The Matrix, on L.A. Confidential. I passed on a lot of stuff because I really wasn’t ready to pass on the rock thing. I’m still not ready to give that up but I’d like to do the acting part-time

It’s hard to imagine Love in The Matrix or L.A. Confidential. Although in Hollywood anything’s possible.

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