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Danny DeVito Makes Another Drunken Morning Show Appearance

Alcoholism in the Hollywood community is a prevalent issue, but rarely talked about. Maybe Danny DeVito can start the dialogue because, on Tuesday morning, he struck again with his drunken morning show antics. We all remember the outcome of his 2006 appearance on The View after one too many limoncellos with pal George Clooney. Well, he definitely topped himself this time. While being interviewed on a local Philadelphia Fox morning show from the set of his FX sitcom It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, DeVito was more than enjoying the icy cold can of beer in his hand and his inhibitions quickly went South.

He’s more similar to his sleazy character Frank Reynolds than I had originally thought. Speaking to a buxom blonde reporter live at 8am, DeVito belched, slurred his speech, stumbled and even hit on her. When reminiscing about their last encounter, he recalled, “You wore that short skirt, which is really nice… Easy access.” Gotta love him. For point of comparison, revisit his first infamous cry for help on The View. Hear DeVito describe to Barbara Walters what he and wife Rhea Perlman did in the Lincoln bedroom.

And watch his damage control in an interview that he did shortly after The View incident while promoting the embarrassing family Holiday vehicle, Deck the Halls.

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