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Universal ‘Sweet’ Talks Diablo Cody

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Sweet Valley High began as a book series for young adults in 1983. Written by Francine Pascal (and a series of ghost writers), the series followed the trials and tribulations of the Wakefield twins as they attend high school  in the fictional California town of Sweet Valley. The angsty plot lines, usually involving a crush on a football player or some variation on that, and the trendy setting, made Sweet Valley High a popular read for twenty years, until the series ended in 2003.

In 1994, it was adapted into a syndicated TV show that ran for four seasons. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Sweet Valley High is set to be resurrected again–this time as feature length movie. Universal is currently in talks with Juno screenwriter, Entertainment Weekly columnist, blogger, auto-biographer and Oscar winner Diablo Cody about the project.

I can see why they would want her for the job. Take this sample line from the series, which is uttered when one of the twins responds to her sister’s claim that she’s not ready to start dating:

“Not ready to date? That’s like, not being ready to breathe. Are you sure we’re related?”

Add  “cool beans” and “hells yeah” to the above dialogue and you can imagine what Cody’s version will be like.

Universal may have reason to be worried, though, because, as her recent flop Jennifer’s Body suggests, Cody could be a one-hit wonder. The reviews for that movie haven’t been kind. Scott Tobias wrote in The Onion:

Jennifer’s Body is clever for its own sake, a showy piece of writing that doesn’t have that all-important ballast of sincerity. This time, Cody will stop a scene cold for the chance to shoehorn ‘move on dot org’ into a sentence’.”

In an interview with Elvis Mitchell for NPR show The Treatment, Cody said,

You know, I’m a consumer of junk. I’ve always been enthusiastic about low brow culture.”

So it may be a good fit after all, because Sweet Valley High is about as low as you can go.

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