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Director Jay Roach Confirms ‘Austin Powers 4’


Hard to believe that it’s been over a decade since the last over-stuffed, overly in-jokey installment of the Austin Powers franchise. Goldmember, released in summer of 2002, featured cameos from just about every major media personality and entertainer (from Katie Couric to Tom Cruise) and approximately zero laughs. But creator and star Mike Myers laughed all the way to the bank. The film grossed over $200 million domestically. Frankly, I’m shocked that there hasn’t been another three sequels by now.

The time has come. Director Jay Roach, who helmed the first three Austin Powers flicks, tells MTV News about plans for number 4:

(Mike is) working on ideas for it, people are definitely talking about it and I’m all good for it.

He also hinted that the sequel will go “somewhere you haven’t thought of.” Judging by the last project that Myers wrote and starred in, the atrocious 2008 comedy, The Love Guru, I would say that the film would have to be free of fart and dick jokes to be a true surprise.

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