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Everyone Loves ‘Titanic 3D’ Except Roger Ebert

Back in 2010, James Cameron vehemently expressed his disapproval over quickie retrofitted 3D movies like Clash of the Titans. It turns out all you need to create a successful and critically lauded 3D conversion is, well, James Cameron to be involved.  Titanic 3D has received unanimously good reviews from everyone except Roger Ebert, who loves the 1997 blockbuster, but groused:

I know why the film is in 3D. It’s to justify the extra charge. That’s a shabby way to treat a masterpiece.

As much enthusiasm as I have for 3D, it”s hard to disagree with Ebert on a fundamental level. For every 3D movie that works like CoralineMy Bloody Valentine, Avatar and Hugo  (a very short list) there are  countless movies that make you weary of falling for the gimmick and the surcharge ever again. After paying to see Disney’s A Christmas Carol and Piranha 3D, I swore off movies that employed the gimmick for good. That is, until I caved in to see Wim Wenders beautiful documentary Pina. That movie restored my faith in the technology and I look forward to more thoughtful and well made 3D movies in the future. And any made by James Cameron.

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