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Upcoming ‘Fame’ Remake Latest in Slew of 80s Rehashes

With the remake of Footloose on its way faster than you can say “Gag me with a spoon”, it has become clear that Hollywood’s shameless cannibalizing of 80s pop culture has reached epidemic proportions. And just as we were starting to get over the Friday the 13th remake, there’s a new one to take it’s place. A brand new version of  Fame is coming this fall. The new trailer, which will be shown before The Proposal this weekend, takes us to:

a school where any dream is possible.

That is if your dream is to be a backup dancer on Britney‘s Circus tour. Not to worry, though, Megan Mulally and Kelsey Grammar are there to provide stern guidance and support. At one point, Grammar dramatically asserts:

You’ve got talent. Let’s see what you can do with it.

Yeah, let’s see. Original Fame trailer after the jump. You can compare and contrast the quality (and I’m not talking about the resolution).

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