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FLOP POP FIZZLE, The Obligatory Weekend B.O. Report: Big Numbers For ‘Museum’; Less So For ‘Terminator Salvation’

flop-pop-memLooks like Ben Stiller and Amy Adams can add another box office champ to their resume.  Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian captured the number 1 spot with $53.5M.  The kiddies came out in droves for it this Memorial Day weekend (the poor parents!).

Coming in second place was Terminator: Salvation with $43M, which won’t even come close to being a Dark Knight size hit for Christian Bale.  At an estimated cost of $200M, the fourth installment of the sci-fi franchise came in way below its expected projections.  While not a disaster of epic proportions like last year’s Speed Racer, it is still nonetheless a flop.

In my opinion, T2: Judgement Day wrapped things up flawlessly and producers should stop trying to top it. Especially with a third-rate hack like McG, a director who makes Michael Bay look like James Cameron.  In third and fourth places were Star Trek and Angels and Demons, respectively.  They both made around $20M, continuing their impressive box office reign.

Rounding up (more like bottoming out) the top 5 was The Wayans BrothersDance Flick with $11.1M.  Are audiences finally tired of these lazily thrown together, humorless parodies? Hopefully people have learned to avoid any film that has has a genre category prominently displayed in its title along with the noun “movie” or any slight variation on that (e.g. Date Movie, Epic Movie, Disaster Movie, Superhero Movie).

Although I’m sure that, despite Dance Flick’s tepid box office results,  they will continue to be made and released every six months.  Based on the box office this weekend you can bet that there’s already a Sci-Fi Flick in the works. Oh the humanity!

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