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FLOP POP FIZZLE, The Obligatory Weekend B.O. Report: ‘Edge of Darkness’ And ‘When In Rome’ No Match For ‘Avatar’ Winning Streak


The studios should consider holding off on releasing any new movies until Avatar is safely out of theaters, since it has consistently wiped out the competition since it was released in December. After seven weeks at number one, it’s officially the highest grossing movie ever made. This week’s crop of new releases, which included Mel Gibson‘s $80M dollar comeback vehicle Edge of Darkness and the romantic comedy When In Rome, were no match for the 3D action adventure epic’s winning streak. Let’s hope James Cameron has come up with something less cringe-inducing for his likely Oscar win for best director than his Golden Globes speech where he complained that he had to, “pee something fierce.”

Mel Gibson says his break from acting had less to do with his scandal plagued past than with the fact that he was bored with it. He told the New York Times when he read the script for Edge of Darkness, he thought:

I might have something to offer again

Audiences approached his first return to acting since Signs in 2002 with caution. The dark thriller, in which Gibson plays a homicide detective dealing with the murder of his own daughter, took second place, with a disappointing $17M take. Although Gibson’s directing projects like The Passion of the Christ and Apocalypto have been wildly successful, the weak grosses for Edge of Darkness could point to the hesitation ticket buyers may have to reembracing the actor whose image is still tethered to his 2006 arrest for drunk driving.

The critically savaged rom-com When in Rome starring Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel debuted in third place with $12.1M. It wasn’t helped by a weak marketing campaign, with extremely silly TV spots that focused on the movie’s slapstick scenes, including one which involved Bell’s character being unable to break  a glass vase in during a wedding ceremony.


1. Avatar (Fox) $30M, Cume $594M

2. Edge of Darkness (Warner Bros.) $17.1M

3. When In Rome (Touchstone) $12.1M

4. Tooth Fairy (Fox) $10M, Cume $26.1M

5. The Book of Eli (Alcon) $8.77M, Cume $44.4M

6. Legion (Screen Gems) $6.8M, Cume $28.6

7. The Lovely Bones (Dreamworks) $4.7M, Cume $38M

8. Sherlock Holmes (Warner Bros.) $4.51M, Cume $198M

9. Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel (Fox) $4M, Cume $209M

10. It’s Complicated (Universal) $3.72M, Cume $104M


*Bold indicates the weekend’s new releases.
Source: Box Office Mojo

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