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FLOP POP FIZZLE, The Obligatory Weekend B.O. Report: Scorsese’s Biggest Opening Ever; ‘Shutter Island’ #1


Paramount’s decision to postpone the release of Martin Scorsese‘s Shutter Island from its original date in December, paid off, as the acclaimed director’s first foray into horror scored big, taking the top spot with $40.1M. It’s the biggest opening of Scorsese’s career. One of the film’s producers, Mike Medavoy, told the LA Times:

If you have a bad movie, and you delay it, they pounce on you. But if you have a good movie, and you delay it, you can get over it.

Recent evidence supports Medavoy’s comments. Both The Weinstein Company’s star studded musical Nine and Universal’s horror reboot The Wolfman had their release dates changed by studios apprehensive over the earning potential of the movie’s in question after seeing the finished product. In the case of The Wolfman, Universal even mandated reshoots and the addition of special effects sequences. Needless to say, in both cases, the schedule change only postponed each movie’s inevitable disappointing critical and commercial reception.

Valentines Day was the only holdover from last week to show much staying power. As a result, Avatar shot past the rest of the competition back to the number 3 spot. Audiences chose James Cameron‘s 3D adventure epic over Percy Jackson & the Olympians, which fell to fourth place. Despite sharing many similarities with the Harry Potter series, it doesn’t look like it will attract anywhere near the audience that’s flocked to those films. The Wolfman, slid from third to fifth place, making the likelihood that it will recouping its estimated $150M budget unlikely.


1. Shutter Island (Paramount) $40.2M

2. Valentine’s Day (New Line) $17.2M, Cume $87.4M

3. Avatar (Fox) $16.1M, Cume $688M

4. Percy Jackson & the Olympians (Fox 2000) $15.3, Cume $58.8M

5. The Wolfman (Universal) $9.85M, Cume $50.3M

6. Dear John (Sony) $7.3M, Cume $66M

7. Tooth Fairy (Fox) $4.5M, Cume $49.9M

8. Crazy Heart (Butcher’s Run) $3.02M, Cume $21.6M

9. From Paris with Love (EuropaCorp) $2.5M, Cume $21.2M

10. Edge of Darkness (Warner Bros.) $2.21M, Cume $40.3M


*Bold indicates the weekend’s new releases.
Source: Box Office Mojo

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