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Flop Pop Fizzle, The Obligatory Weekend B.O. Report: ‘Transformers’ Crush the Competition

untitled-1In a recent interview, which ran in Parade magazine with the headline “The Mixed Up Life of Shia Lebeouf”, the Transformers star talked about his anxiety about his life and career, saying:

I’m still doing the same hustle now. The only change is that, instead of my dad selling hot dogs from the cart, it’s Steven Spielberg selling the hot dogs.

This weekend Michael Bay was the one selling the hot dogs, so to speak, and they were selling like hotcakes. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is officially the highest grossing film of the year. It’s still behind The Dark Knight‘s opening five day total of $200 million, but just barely. It made $112 million for a cumulative total of $201 million since opening Wednesday. It was unstoppable. Sandra Bullock‘s latest vehicle, The Proposal, took what it could get and nabbed the number two spot, making a respectable $18.5 million. Looks like Ms. Bullock’s still got legs, and with Ryan Reynolds as a costar, she knows how to use ’em. In third place, The Hangover continued its stellar run making $17.2 million for third place. And Up, which came in fourth, has now grossed an astronomical $250 million. Although for Pixar, it must be business as usual.

The other major new release this week was the Cameron Diaz/Abigail Breslin-starring My Sister’s Keeper. The leukemia weepie barely held it’s own with a take of $12 million. It looks like the studio’s attempt at counterprogramming resulted in a major flop. Also, Abigail Breslin doesn’t exactly have the best track record with opening a summer movie. Last year’s Kitt Kittredge: An American Girl also underperformed, despite being released as a family-friendly alternative to action-heavy summer fare.

Coming in sixth, Year One proved once again that the combined star power of Jack Black and Michael Cera simply doesn’t translate to box office success. At least it has some company with Will Ferrell‘s Land of the Lost, which did equally poorly this summer. On the bright side, Cera has the upcoming movie version of Arrested Development to look forward to. At the bottom of the list, for reasons we may never fully understand, Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian is still bringing in the big money.

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