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Fox Previews ‘Glee’

A new clip from the Fox series Glee has surfaced in order to generate excitement for the upcoming season. It’s as silly and aimless as the pilot, which premiered to low ratings and lukewarm reviews after the American Idol finale last May.

I watched Glee expecting to be fully won over. Series creator Ryan Murphy, also responsible for Nip/Tuck and Popular, has a perfectly cynical outlook and has proven his abilities at dark comedy before. It appears as if he’s thrown that out the window, however.

While on a promotional tour for Glee, Murphy told reporters:

I wanted to do a show that has a bigger heart and is kinder. But make no mistake. It still has an edge.” Apparently he was a musical theater geek in high school and drew heavily upon that experience. “It’s just about a belief in yourself. I remember that feeling, and it was very important to me. And that’s what I wanted the show to be about.

An edgy comedy about a ragtag bunch of chorus fanatics? That contradictory description certainly explains Glee‘s uneven tone.

In the pilot, there is not one laugh (unless you find tired, one-dimensional high school stereotypes funny) and neither is there any emotional depth. It’s just a series of stale, lifeless set-pieces and corny songs.

The intended emotional climax, featuring a High School Musical-esque rendition of “Don’t Stop Believing”, is completely unearned. There’s no heart and soul. Just song. I kept wondering who these damn kids were. That being said, I am willing to give Glee a second chance when it returns this fall, if only for the fact that the Jane Lynch is one of the cast members.

Fox has moved up Glee‘s second premiere date to Sept. 9, where it will follow the season opener of So You Think You Can Dance. The network hopes that this pairing will help sustain viewers for the entire evening. As Larry David would say, “Whatever works.”

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