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Michelle Pfeiffer Talks About Aging in Hollywood


Getting older in Hollywood isn’t easy for any actors. But women definitely have it the worst, as Michelle Pfeiffer discovered on a recent press junket in Germany. She was there to promote her latest film Cheri. Pfeiffer tells WENN that a reporter asked her:

How does it feel to have an old and decrepit body? And at first I didn’t understand her, I was like, ‘Sorry, did you just say I had an old and decrepit body?’ and she was like, ‘Ja (yes). How does it feel?

Pfeiffer says she recognized the woman from a previous press conference and responded by criticizing the woman’s questions.She said:

She was the same woman who’d asked me years before, because I remembered her. She’d said, ‘Do you think what you’re wearing is appropriate?’ She was like 60 and had on a miniskirt! And I said, ‘Well, you’re the one who asked me two years ago if I was dressed appropriate’.

Wow – those German reporters really dig deep. The sad part is that the unruly woman’s questions are actually very similar to the kinds of discussions that take place when movies are being cast at Hollywood studios. Like James Brown once sang: “It’s a man’s world.” Could you imagine Jack Nicholson being asked those kinds of questions about his vanity? He’d have a fit.

Her uncomfortable encounter in Germany must have stung Pfeiffer hard because was still thinking about her aging looks when speaking to The Daily telegraph in London. In a candid interview, she revealed her secret of appearing younger on screen:

The whole thing to looking great in films is your lighting.  If they have the right light on you, it makes no difference what face creams you use because they can make bags under your eyes disappear and all the lines on your cheek go away.  This is what can age you 20 years or take 20 years off. Any of us know to make friends with the lighting director, that’s the guy who’s your best friend in making a movie.

Interesting. Her system seems to be working wonders. Pfeiffer ought to start sharing this secret with other actors who might benefit from it. She can start with Mickey Rourke and the gals of Sex and the City.

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