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Gwyneth Paltrow’s Budding Empire

gwynnySome celebrities seem to be cursed with the JLo complex. They can’t resist their aspirations to be more than just a mere actor, actress, singer, etc. This can lead to unnecessary restaurants, vanity production companies and the dreaded unveiling of a short-lived clothing/headband line. And then there’s Gwyneth Paltrow, who has recently opened a pricey gym and also has a new TV show, which showcases her “down-to-earth”, “cultural” and “adventurous” sides.


Spain…On the Road Again follows Paltrow, celebrity chef Mario Batali, a creepy old guy and a young Spanish woman (pictured above) as they travel together through the beautiful countryside of Spain. While I’m not sure why this show exists at all (or why PBS is affiliated with it), it does offer a fascinating view into the mind of one of  our most dependably annoying Hollywood actresses.

In one Batali-less episode, while eating at a Spanish restaurant, Paltrow asks in an exaggerated, nasally snivel, “Is this an example of Spanish/Moroccan fusion food?” But, by far, the strangest moment comes when the three travelers decide to take a siesta in the same hammock after a long day of touring.

While the three “adults” get giddy and start analyzing nursery rhymes, Paltrow interrupts with the price-less bon mot: “I could never have a menage with you guys. You talk too much.” Practice what you preach, Gwyneth.

And check out the book it spawned. What an empire!


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