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Heather Graham Up For Another ‘Hangover’; Todd Phillips Currently Working On The Script

The Hangover

In the late 90s, Heather Graham was Hollywood’s “It”girl. After small parts in various TV shows and movies, she skyrocketed to fame after playing Lorraine, the girl who accepts Jon Favreau‘s neuroses, in Swingers.

After that, Graham juggled her time between hip indies (Swingers, Two Guys and a Girl, Boogie Nights) and expensive blockbusters (Lost In Space, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me). By 2001, however, her Hollywood flame abruptly burnt out. She’s not the only one this has happened to (ask Brittany Murphy), but her career dive was still surprising if only for the fact that she had worked with such great directors as James Toback and P.T. Anderson.

Graham returned to the spotlight in 2008 with her high-profile ABC show, Emily’s Reasons Why Not. But what was supposed to be a comeback, turned out to be another career road block. It was canceled after only one episode.

This year was–finally–things were different. She appeared as Jade, the stripper with a heart of gold, in the megahit, The Hangover. Considering her career limbo before that, it’s no wonder that Graham is already gearing up for the sequel.

MTV.com reports that Todd Phillips, who wrote and directed the first one, is currently working on the screenplay for the next installment, and Graham thinks that it should include more of her–perhaps a wild bachlorette party. She tells Eonline:

I think [Ed Helms’ character] Stu  should get her pregnant, and that she should do a pregnant strip dance. I know it sounds so wrong, but it sounds so right. That’d be really cool. Seriously, I wish. We need to get someone to write that script.”

I’m sure Phillips will get right on that.

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