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HEY, I THINK I SEE A CELEBRITY! All Chi-Town Sightings From 8/3-8/10


From time to time celebrities do step out of LA and New York to venture over to the windy city! They’re not always A-list, but what the heck, we’ll take what we can get. This week’s sightings, as compiled by Red Eye:

Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan (otherwise known as Li-Lo and Stitch) have apparently re-united after a messy public break-up. They arrived in Chicago together for Lollapalooza and to celebrate Ronson’s 32nd birthday.

The on-again, off-again couple stayed at Hotel Sax, next to the House of Blues, and dined with friends at Hub 51. Ronson also Deejayed it up at Crimson Lounge. According to Red Eye, a source overheard the mixmaster telling her fair lady,”I love you Lindsay, but I’m working.”

The members of Green Day recently drank bottles of Cristal at The Whiskey Bar and Grill. They were probably celebrating the fact that, with the release of their new album 21st Century Breakdown, they’ve replaced U2 as America’s most beloved aging rockers. Now Bono will have time for more important things like saving Africa and sharing his wisdom on Oprah.

Pete Yorn gave an exclusive performance at the W-City Center on Thursday night. Message to Pete: No more concept albums with Scarlett Johasson unless the concept is silence. Even if you do happen to think she’s the next Brigitte Bardot.

Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr of Gossip Girl were spotted having a makeout session at Rockit Bar and Grill over lunch on Friday. Rumors that Westwick is gay continue undeterred.

LeAnn Rimes was spotted dining at Nightwood on Friday night with her management team. Hopefully next time they’ll score her a better gig than being a spokesperson for Psoriasis.

Jermaine Dupri spun at Hornitos Lounge at The Underground on Friday night, fresh from his split with Janet Jackson. But ladies be warned: he’ll wreck your career and leave you so exhausted that you have to cancel your world tour. Of course, that’s assuming that you’re an internationally renowned superstar.

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