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HEY, I THINK I SEE A CELEBRITY! All Chi-Town Sightings, Week of 11/9


From time to time celebrities do step out of LA and New York to venture over to the windy city! They’re not always A-list, but what the heck, we’ll take what we can get. This week’s sightings:

Brody Jenner hosted a party at Enclave, Friday night, with people from his MTV show Bromance. He then hung out with J. Lo’s ex Cris Judd, Wade Robson (who reportedly broke up Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake) and Mia Micheals. I guess the only person missing from the crew was anyone above the Z-list!

Speaking of Z-list, fellow reality TV star Brooke Hogan also showed up at Enclave on Friday, and, reportedly, got so tipsy that she gave an impromptu performance. According to Red Eye’s source, she sang off key and nearly fell down. Funny, that sounds like one of her music videos.

R&B singer Anthony Hamilton and Common hung out at Crimson Lounge on Friday night. Common sure has had an interesting 2009 so far. In March he took to YouTube to announce a partnership with Microsoft to produce T-shirts and in July he was accused of stealing the song “When Will Day Come” for his song “Take It EZ”. Maybe he should take it EZ for awhile. Oh and no more duets with Lily Allen.

Jeremy Piven attended a performance of his mom’s play. Two by Pinter: The Lover & The Collection and then dined with mom and cast and crew at Firehouse Grill Restaurant in Evanston. Joyce Hill-Piven, who runs an acting studio in Evanston, talked about her son’s career in a recent interview with Hollywood-Chicago.com. She said:

I don’t think anything is compromised when Jeremy is involved. Because he is artist and is true to himself. So I can’t speak to a general kind of statement involving the industry overall.

Her thoughts on Sushi-gate remain unanswered.

Bill Clinton went to Table Fifty-Two for dinner Wednesday evening. In September Clinton talked to Esquire about the Obama administration, the health care bill and his thoughts on what would have happened if the outcome for the 2000 election had come out in Gore’s favor. He said:

I think that he would have been reluctant to fight a war on two fronts; I think he would’ve tried to finish the business with Al Qaeda and Afghanistan and let the UN inspectors finish what they were doing in Iraq. So yeah, it would’ve been a very different time.

Does anyone have a time machine?

Ryan Cabrera hung out at Rockit Bar and Grill on Thursday night. When he was recently asked by Seventeen.com whether it was weird to see his ex, Ashlee Simpson get married Cabrera said:

No, not really, because I have a couple ex-girlfriends getting married. It’s more weird just because I feel like I’m at that age when all my friends are getting married. Does that mean I’m getting old?

Maybe so. But at least he’ll have the reality show memories of him cuddling with his ex on The Ashlee Simpson Show to cherish as a single, overly fake-tanned, old fogy.

Blackhawks player Patrick Kane and Bulls player Antoine Walker hung out at Market on Friday night. Hopefully the two stayed out of trouble. Walker had a warrant out for his arrest for issuing bad checks in June and Kane was arrested for beating up a cab driver in August.

Donnie Wahlberg performed new material from his solo album at The Underground on Friday night. The album is being produced by Fingazz. So I guess that means Toezz was busy.

Vince Vaughn attended a charity event at Joe’s on Friday night. At least he’s using his ill gotten gains for the mega-hit crapfest that is his latest movie, Couples Retreat, for good.

Bears player Kellen Davis hung out at Manor on Saturday night. Last May, Davis had to compete against veteran tight end Michael Gaines to make it onto the Bears roster this season. Guess we know who had the tighter end out of those two.

Source: Red Eye.

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