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HEY, I THINK I SEE A CELEBRITY!: All Chi-Town Sightings, Week of 2/22


From time to time, celebrities do step out of LA and New York to venture over to the windy city. They’re not always A-list, but — what the hell, we’ll take what we can get. This week’s sightings:

  • Tom Green performed at the Zanies Comedy Club in Chicago, St. Charles and Vernon Hills last week. The Freddy Got Fingered star explained what he’s been up to recently to the Chicago Tribune’s About Last Night blogger Luis Aroyave. He said:

Whether or not I’m the face of the mainstream. I’ve been consistently working. I’ve done one or two movies a year. Not big mainstream movies, but it’s work. I’ve been keeping busy.

About doing stand-up comedy, he said:

The audience will let you know if they’re not feeling it. As Steve Martin says, it’s the ego’s last stand.

  • Former Girls Next Door star Bridget Marquardt hung out at Enclave and Cuvee on Saturday. At a recent charity benefit for the Mathew Sheperd Foundation in LA, Marquardt talked to E! News about her addiction to MTV’s Jersey Shore. She said:

I’m totally addicted. They’re like the hottest people in America. They’re trainwrecks! I love watching it and we get excited every time there’s a new episode. We can’t wait to watch.

  • Michael Wilbon, co-host of ESPN’s Pardon The Interruption, dined at Hub 51 on Wednesday and mentioned the River North restaurant at the end of Thursday’s show. In a reccent interview with Golf.com, the sportscaster and golf enthusiast, talked about who would be his dream team out on the range. He said:

I’d like to play with Will Smith, who I’ve met and talked to, and Sam Jackson, who I had lunch with, and we’ve talked about playing. And I’d keep it a threesome so we could be quick and not hold up the guys behind us. If someone told me that could be arranged, I really would want to do that. If we could get Tiger and he’d put up with us, that’d be fine.

  • Jayde Nicole, the 2008 Playboy Playmate of the Year, made an appearance at Lumen on Saturday. Nicole was recently caught in the middle of a Las Vegas escort scam, after TMZ uncovered flyers with her image advertising an escort named Tanya along with a discount $35 special. Lawyer’s for the Playmate are in the midst of suing for wrongful advertisement.
  • Actress Radha Mitchell dined at Sunda twice. She was in town as part of press junket for her new movie, The Crazies, a horror remake of George Romero‘s 1973 original in which a chemical that’s seeped into the water supply of a small Iowa town causes its residents to turn psychotic. In an interview with the horror site Bloody Disgusting, she said a scene taking place in the carwash was her favorite scene to shoot:

There’s already something creepy about car washes and in this case if you can imagine being in one that is dark with insane characters that are trying to kill you….. I think it’s very visual and visceral. You’re trapped in the car wash and it’s chained below so you can’t drive. The windows are being smashed in by these people trying to bite your head off. We’re all soaking wet and there’s these machines going. If you were a young person, this is one of those scenes you’d never forget and as an adult, it’s very intense. We spent a long time getting it right with all the stuff going on. It’s just a very strange and surrealistic situation.

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