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HEY, I THINK I SEE A CELEBRITY!: All Chi-Town Sightings, Week of 3/8


From time to time, celebrities do step out of LA and New York to venture over to the windy city. They’re not always A-list, but — what the hell, we’ll take what we can get. This week’s sightings:

  • Black Eyed Peas made an appearance at Enclave. Patrons paid over $100 for the event and were rewarded with a brief performance by Fergie, who warbled:

I’m so 3008. You’re so 2000 and late.

Fergie should stop being so hard on herself. She only looks like she’s old enough to be from 3005 or 6.

After the performance, Will.i.am headed to Crobar for another appearance. Fergie and husband Josh Duhamel hung out at Cuvee in the heavily guarded VIP lounge with Slash (who had performed “Sweet Child O Mine” with Fergie during the Peas sold out United Center show that night). The three some left together, leaving the remaining band members, Taboo and Apl.de.ap (seriously what’s with this band’s use of periods?) at the club. Taboo went out of his way to say hi to fans and even agreed to an impromptu interview with the Chicago Tribune’s About Last Night blogger Luis Arroyave around 1:30 a.m. He talked to Arroyave about his upcoming projects which include acting in an action film. He said:

I’m shooting a movie with Brian Grazer called Cartel. It’s about the Mexican cartel I play a character named Carlos. It’s my fourth movie.

When asked about the Peas next album, he responded:

Our biggest thing right now is our tour. We’ll be touring through 2011.

  • E! News host Guliana Rancic appeared with her husband, Apprentice winner Bill Rancic at Cuvee Friday. She told Arroyave the reason that she is now one of, recent Oscar winner, Sandra Bullock‘s biggest fans:

When I interviewed Sandra Bullock at the Globes, she goes, ‘How is your house in Chicago? I can’t believe you sold it’. I go, ‘Are you talking about my reality show?’ and she goes, ‘Yeah, I love watching it. I run a bubble bath and watch your show.’ Now of course I’m the biggest Sandra Bullock fan. I love people who are normal in Hollywood, because there are so few of them.

Especially difficult is finding normal people in LA without a reality show.

  • Ludacris dropped by Le Passage in the early hours of Saturday. The hip hop mogul has been in a  promoting frenzy, hawking not only his new album, but also his new Cognac. He recently stopped by Martha Stewart‘s daytime chat show, where Stewart put his Cognac to use in a way the rapper probably hadn’t intended. They made an apple crumb cake. Stewart almost forgot to put the Cognac into the batter, until she was reminded when Ludacris shouted:

Don’t forget the Cognac. You can never forget the Cognac!

Stewart was smitten. If there’s anything she can respect more than someone with great cooking skills, it’s someone who knows how to self promote as if they’re life was depending on it.

  • The Blackhawks Patrick Kane partied at Manor on Thursday. Kane recently competed in the Olympics as part of the the US men’s hockey team. Early in the competition, when he was asked in an interview with NHL.com, how it would feel to have the US and Canadian teams together for the gold medal winning game, he said:

Hopefully it will be USA/Canada because that would be a hell of a matchup.

The US went on to lose the game, and although Kane hasn’t commented on the loss,I think, his response would probably include the use of the word hell as well.

  • Grammy winning electro hop group LMFAO performed at Manor on Saturday night. In February, Sky Blu (one half of the duo) had a bizarre skirmish with Republican Massachussets Governor Mitt Romney, that involved the rapper hitting the politician on the back of the head. Romney was apparently distressed that the musician, who was seated in front of his wife, had reclined his seat too far down. The situation got out of control when Romney physically assaulted Blue. He told MTV News:

I went upside his head one time. That was the reaction when you touch me, especially during a heated exchange, I’m gonna have to rearrange your forehead piece.

Sky Blue may be on to something. Using his tactics could be the solution to passing the health care bill. Leave it to an electro hop musician to change the world for the better.

  • The Bachelorette Jillian Harris dined at Rockit Bar & Grill in Wrigleyville on Friday. Harris is still dating Ed Swiderski whom she met on the reality show last year. Host Chris Harrison recently spoke to Radaronline.com about their upcoming wedding plans. He said:

They have a time, a date, and a place set and despite what was crazily reported and all that stuff they are doing fantastic!

He also talked about the couples treatment by the media:

With their celebrity status, being attacked is part of the deal but to be attacked like they were absolutely affected them and it was tough for them to deal with. I mean they kind of leaned on the producers, leaned on me, and leaned on their friends, and they’ve just tried to get away from it.

Getting away from it must mean turning down the chance to star in their own E! reality show.

  • The Bulls’ rookie forward Taj Gibson hung out at The Underground on Saturday.
  • Ziggy and Damian Marley launched House of Marley, a product line inspired by their famous dad, Bob Marley, which includes hats boom boxes and headphones at the House of Blues on Sunday.
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