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HEY, I THINK I SEE A CELEBRITY! All Chi-Town Sightings, Week of 8/2

From time to time, celebrities do step out of LA and New York to venture over to the windy city. They’re not always A-list, but — what the hell, we’ll take what we can get. This week’s sightings:

The usual mix of locals, tourists and A-D list celebrities stormed into town to check out the three day music festival Lollapalooza, which offered something for everyone, especially Lady Gaga fans.

  • Friday night headliner Lady Gaga recuperated from her athletic performance at Lolla (which culminated with the pop diva stage diving into the crowd wearing little more than a fishnet top) with dinner at Table Fifty-Two on Saturday. Gaga went gaga over the food, eating pistachio chicken and fried chicken and waffles. She was also allegedly spotted at famed Chicago dive bar Delilah’s. Artwork featured in the bar includes several florescent paintings of Elvis. No wonder she felt right at home.
  • Wherever Lady Gaga goes, Perez Hilton isn’t far behind. Hilton hosted the concert “One Night in Chicago” at the Hard Rock Hotel’s Music Lounge and he also had dinner at Table Fifty-Two. Instead of indulging in some of the heartier fare available on the menu, the gossip blogger had the restaurant’s head chef, Art Smith prepare a special diet menu. Smith told Chicago Tribune columnist Luis Arroyave:

I made my healthy diet food for (Hilton) while he was here.

  • Gossip Girl‘s Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr, took brief breaks from their make out schedule to stop by the Music Lounge at the Hard Rock Hotel on Friday. They also attended the Black Keys‘ after-party at Crimson Lounge later that night. Also in attendance were Phoenix, Har Mar Superstar and Danny Masterson. In July, news broke that the former That 70s Show star’s Nevada based limited liability company had filed for bankruptcy after failing to pay back a $3.2 million loan. The actor’s attorney, Darvy M. Cohan, told RadarOnline:

There is a legitimate dispute here. As I see it, it is not all my client’s fault and the matter will be litigated.

The cast of Scream 4, which is currently filming in Ann Arbor Michigan took time off from shooting the latest installment of the horror series to let loose in the Windy City.

  • Neve Campell and David Arquette had brunch at Hub 51 and partied at Crimson Lounge following Saturday’s festival. In a recent interview for the British show Alex Zane’s Guest List, Campbell admitted that she had reservations about doing another Scream movie:

I was apprehensive. It was a long time ago that we did them now. And I think we all swore up and down that we wouldn’t do another, that we would just leave it at that. Because we were lucky to have made a good trilogy. But now we’re kind of at a place where it might be a kick. You know, Courtney’s going back, David’s going back, it’s going to be Wes Craven again, Kevin Williamson is writing. I think it’ll be like going back to summer camp.

Arquette is also keeping busy. In addition to starring Scream 4, he recently announced he will be partnering with comedian Jeff Beacher to bring the successful Las Vegas show Beacher’s Madhouse to the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood this fall. Arquette told Us Magazine:

Since before I can remember, putting on an extravaganza like Beacher’s Madhouse has been a dream of mine. Now that I have met the creative and gifted Jeff Beacher, this dream is about to become a wild mind-blowing reality.

  • The newest addition to the Scream universe Hayden Panettiere and K$sha visited the Code of Conduct Tattoo station at the Hard Rock Hotel on Sunday. K$sha decided against getting one, but Panettiere went ahead and got inked. The Scream set has been rife with gossip and when rumors erupted that the Heroes star was upset about script changes to the upcoming slasher movie, the pint size actress told Access Hollywood:

I don’t know whether it’s somebody projecting or, who knows where it came from, but ultimately it was very untrue and I love my character…I’m having a really good time doing it.

  • Jennifer Love Hewitt had dinner at Hub 51 on Friday and then partied in their basement dance floor Sub 51. Hewitt’s long running CBS show The Ghost Whisperer was recently canceled after five seasons, but she already has  backup career as an author. Her first book, titled, “The Day I Shot Cupid: The Smart Girl’s Guide To Dating,” is currently available in stores everywhere. In the book’s intro, she explains that she came up with the idea to write it after taking a trip to Cabo San Lucas with family and friends, following a particularly nasty break-up:

At the end of our great trip, I went home with a new thought. What if this is why I went through all my dating crap. Maybe I’m supposed to be the kindred spirit of millions of women out there who are just like me. And there it was the new relationship that I would begin would be with me, my past, my present my laughter, my pain and most important, all of you.

  • Sugar Ray singer Mark McGrath had dinner at David Burke’s Primehouse Thursday. The musician and one time Access Hollywood correspondent and his  fiancée, Carin Kingslan, recently gave birth to a twin boy and girl. McGrath told People:

We are so lucky. I don’t think you can prepare for the love we are feeling.

In addition to adjusting to life with two newborn children McGrath has been busy touring with Sugar Ray and will be hosting the upcoming Fox reality show Don’t Forget the Lyrics.

  • The Strokes lead singer Julian Casablancas had lunch at Sunda on Friday, after which he joined his band for a headlining gig at Lollapalooza opposite Lady Gaga. Like the successful pop diva, Casablancas told the Chicago Tribune in March that combining  avante-guarde pop sensibility with commercial success has always been the top priority. He said:

The goal from day one with the Strokes was to do something smart, cool, edgy and modern, and yet be commercially succesful. Like the Velvet Underground were as big as the Rolling Stones. When things that are cool are commercially successful, there’s a domino effect for good things, good vibes, to happen. That’s still the goal.

  • Later that night, Soundgarden‘s Chris Cornell and the rest of the group had dinner in a private dining room at Sunda.
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