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If ‘Grease’ Had Been Made As A Mexican Telenovela This Is What It Would Have Looked Like

Thanks to the band Punto Quatro and the album cover for their 1978 Spanish language version of the Grease soundtrack, we have the above striking visual, which looks like it could be from an alternate reality in which the late 70s Hollywood blockbuster was instead a cheap Mexican telenovela. If that had been the case, I may have been spared being forced to listen to “Summer Nights” at an ear splitting decibel level at every school dance from 6th to 9th grade. Just hearing the first few bars alone is enough to send me back to those hilariously awkward events. Everyone’s parents would drop them off at the school and the junior high cafeteria would turn into the lamest dance club this side of the Fox Valley (I grew up in Wisconsin for those of you who didn’t get the reference and are separated from cheeseheads at a safe distance).

The DJ’s setlist always included Boys 2 Men’s  “Water Runs Dry” and songs from the Grease soundtrack, which were cringe inducing, to say the least. and seemed like the adults in charge way of encouraging male/female interaction. Besides the fact that I knew the difference between good and bad taste in music, observing the way straight coupling was encouraged via horrible music only made me more sure of the fact that I was very, very gay. My junior high years were from 1995-98, so I wonder what the equivalent of “Summer Nights” is to today’s middle schoolers. It could be something like Justin Bieber‘s “Boyfriend” or maybe they’re still trotting out those classic tunes from the Grease soundtrack. For they’re sake, I hope not.

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