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Jack Nicholson Talks Bras With January Jones


The best part of Interview magazine is always the feature article where one celebrity will interview another. It’s sort of like a better version of that irritating Sundance Channel show Iconoclasts (watch this clip of Mike Myers interviewing Deepak Chopra and you’ll know what I mean).

In this month’s issue, Jack Nicholson interviews January Jones, the actress who plays one cracked nut of a housewife on Mad Men (its third season premieres in August on AMC).

The two discuss, among other things, the origins of Jones’ name (a Jacqueline Susann novel), how she got her start (as a model) and even the subject of feminism, at which point things start to get a little bit uncomfortable:

Nicholson: And then, after that period when the show (Mad Men) takes place, the women’s movement said, “Take off your bra!” etc.

Jones: That was a tangible way to say, “I’m not going to be held under these constraints of being a woman.” And so, in an act of defiance, women took off all their physical restraints—their girdles and their bras. That was a way of setting it right on the table.

Besides the girdle and bra talk, Nicholson does deserve some credit for not coming across like a lecherous “horny little devil” (to quote his character in The Witches of Eastwick). And he politely waited until after the interview was over to invite Jones to go “sailing” with him in Europe. Link to their conversation here.

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