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Jane Fonda Reflects On Her Relationship With Michael Jackson


Jane Fonda says she noticed Michael Jackson‘s complicated issues firsthand and has taken to her blog to reflect on her relationship with the iconic popstar, which lasted from the late 70s through the early 80s. She says that she was never sure about the nature of their friendship:

I couldn’t pretend to understand him. There were so many complicated signals. Did he want me to be his ‘older women’ friend. He gravitated to older women.

She goes on to recount the story of Jackson’s visit to her Santa Barbara ranch:

I pointed to a spot where I told him I wanted to be buried. Michael had a melt down right then and there when he heard this. He shrieked and bent over and said ‘no, no, no!’ ‘What’s the matter?,’ I asked. ‘Don’t ever talk about your dying,’ he answered. ‘Don’t ever think about it.’ I thought to myself, Michael will have a hard time of it as he ages. He will spend all his energy trying to flee what is inevitable. It’s hard to imagine him being happy as he aged. One more demon to try and evade. I like to think he’s happy now, free of his demons. Free and floating and knowing how his art continues to be revered and celebrated by all of us all over the world.

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