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Chicago Getting Played ‘Just For Laughs’

just-for-laughsJust for Laughs is a TBS-sponsored comedy festival that will be going on all weekend here in the windy city. The traveling tour already made a stop in Nantes and will also be hitting up Montreal and Toronto in the near future. It’s exciting to see so many comedians in Chicago at the same time.  It kind of feels like…well, I guess it feels like it usually does here. Between all the open mics and improv theaters, comedy is one thing that Chicago isn’t lacking. The major difference is that there’s not usually as much promotion for it. TBS must have spent a fortune hyping up this festival. I’ve seen the above poster on almost every shop window, park bench and bus stop in the last month or so.

The Photoshop job is starting to get to me. There’s something unsettling about it. The positioning is a off. Were they going for the feel of an awkward monkey pile? And take a good look at the faces of Ellen DeGeneres, David Alan Grier and Martin Short. I know aging celebrities are a tough thing for the public to stomach, but did they have make them look like excessively shiny, wrinkle-free teletubbies? If you saw someone that looked like that on the street, you’d run in the opposite direction. The most disturbing sight by far, though, has to be George Lopez. His overdone, googly eyed, showbiz ham of an expression haunts my dreams. But I digress. The festival will be wrapping on June 21. Click here to see the full lineup.

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