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2009 MTV Movie Awards: It’s A Bird…It’s A Plane…It’s Brüno

With all the drug binges, rehab stints and psychotic breakdowns, Eminem‘s last four years haven’t exactly been a walk in the park (unless you mean Paranoid Park). But now he’s got a brand spanking new, well received album, Relapse, and seems to have finally decided to come out of seclusion and enter the public eye again. He even managed to make an appearance at yesterday’s MTV Movie Awards, hosted by that Mr. Pibb and Red Vine-loving Andy Samberg. It turned out to be a brilliant publicity move thanks to Sasha Baron Cohen. In a moment reminiscent of the prom scene from Carrie, Cohen staged a bit in his Brüno character that had him flying through the rafters in a harness, wearing nothing but angel wings and a jockstrap. And just who did he happen to land on after descending from the ceiling? None other than, you guessed it, Slim Shady himself. During the broadcast he could be heard mumbling, “Are you serious?!.” According to MTV, he then stormed out in “a heated rage”.

Shouldn’t Eminem have known better than to attend the MTV Movie Awards in his all too fragile state? Of course, the joke could be on us. It’s too juicy a media story to not have been planned, as both stars have projects to promote. Wouldn’t it be great if it were true, though? And wouldn’t have been great if Eminem had put “Brüno” in a chokehold? That would have prevented Cohen from announcing Zac Efron as the winner for best male performance.

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