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Kevin Smith’s Hype Machine

Whether you like it or not, writer/director Kevin Smith, of Clerks fame, seems to be in the news more often than Kim Kardashian. Whether he’s  buying season hockey tickets, fake-protesting his upcoming self-distributed thriller Red State, or tweeting about a possible new flick, the man knows how to get attention. Remember his Twitter feud with Southwest Airlines, where he tried to rally a social movement after being kicked off a plane? That was all his doing. He wrote the word “fat” to describe himself and set his rant free. Then the media attention kind of backfired on Smith, and he downplayed the feud. But there’s one feud that lives on; one grudge that will never die. That’s Howard Stern.

Smith is famous for his approachable, down-to-earth, comic book guy persona (these days, his trademark outfit is a XXXL Devils jersey and loose-fitting jean shorts). He often tours the country with a stage act that can best be described as unscripted Q & A, and his die-hard fans can’t get enough. During these shows, which are often sold-out, Smith rails on the film industry, and often makes fun of individual celebrities, among other things. That makes it all the more strange that Smith is one of the most sensitive guys in the business. How else to account for his beef with Howard Stern? Listen to the clip below and then hear Stern’s version of the story.

Now look at this clip from one of Smith’s Q & A sessions in 2007. He is not only still pissed at Stern, but it’s the exact same story.

For somebody so desperate for the world to know of his existence and so unapologetic in his own bashing of celebrities, he sure is sensitive. That’s not an easy place to be for a snarky media whore. I understand that his live shows are cathartic for him, but Smith has got to wake up: If he’s going to dish it, then he oughta be able to take it. I was a huge fan of his in the pre-Jersey Girl years when he was the coolest filmmaker around. Now he spends more time whining than making films.

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