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Kindle Users Outraged After Amazon Deletes George Orwell From Library


George Orwell‘s 1984 seems more eerily prescient with each passing year. Especially as we plunge headfirst into a digital future, where we’ve become attached to more gadgets and gizmos than ever, all brought to you by a huge corporation near you.

The latest company to pull a “Big Brother” is Amazon.com, which mysteriously deleted copies of Orwell’s Animal Farm and 1984 from users’ Kindle devices, after they had already purchased them. Responding to outraged customers, Amazon’s PR team explained that they deleted the books after it was brought to their attention that the company that added them to their system didn’t hold the rights. A spokesperson says:

When we were notified of this by the rights holder, we removed the illegal copies from our systems and from customers’ devices and refunded the customers.

Maybe people should just stick to buying actual books. Corporations just might have a harder time deleting those. Unless, of course, Ray Bradbury‘s grim view in Fahrenheit 451 comes true some day.

Link here to the NY Times article, which points out that a 17 year old guy from Detroit was reading 1984 on his Kindle for a class and was angry because his digital notes were deleted along with the file. Something tells me he’ll get an A. I mean, he did, after all, experience what Orwell was talking about firsthand.

Posted below is Macintosh’s infamous 1984 Superbowl ad and the trailer for the 1984 movie adaptation of 1984.

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