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Kristen Davis Says No More ‘Sex’

In a summer filled with disappointments like Prince of Persia and Killers, Sex and City 2 became another prime example of Hollywood miscalculation. The highly anticipated sequel failed to live up to to its promise at the box office, grossing $150M less than the first movie and the reaction from most critics and fans alike was not kind; most seemed ready to stage a full scale revolt. Due to the poor reception, it looks like it could be the end of the road for the long running franchise. Kristen Davis who has played Charlotte since the inception of the series in 1998, says she isn’t holding out much hope for a third film. She said:

I don’t think so, not that I know of. I wish it was so that we were continuing but I don’t know. I could be wrong. Obviously there was a time when we thought there was no movie happening so you never know. But it is not looking great.

She added that Sex and the City 2 fell victim to high expectations:

We made 300 million internationally. There was so much hype, not coming from us, but the media hyped it up and then they tore it down.

Even though the sequel received some of the worst reviews of the year it did garner supporters such as Entertainment Weekly’s Owen Glieberman. In his defense of the movie, he wrote:

I, for one, however, will go on the record and say: I am not tired of these ladies. I totally enjoyed Sex and the City 2 because I still relished the chance to bask in their quickness and silliness, their valor and confusion, their passion, their presence. I want to see what happens to them next…if there is a next.

I agree with Owen. I saw Sex and the City 2 after the reviews came out and was expecting to see the worst movie of the year. Instead, what I saw was a movie that was funnier and less self serious than the tediously boring first big screen venture. To my surprise everything, except the opening number with Liza Minneli, delivered. The negative and over the top reaction from many critics and fans of the series didn’t seem justified with what was on screen. It was silly, made me laugh and if I wanted high art I would have gone to see an equally overhyped independent movie.


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