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Kyle MacLachlan to Resurrect ‘Twin Peaks’

After hinting at his departure from Desperate Housewives last week, Kyle MacLachlan has announced plans to bring cult favorite Twin Peaks back to life and return to his signature role as Special Agent Dale Cooper. It won’t be on television, however. He tells WENN, “I have a crazy idea to bring back Twin Peaks on the net as five minute webisodes.” He adds that he’ll be doing them without series creator David Lynch. “David’s focus is more on transcendental meditation now.”

That’s strange because, last time I checked, Lynch was doing his own webisode project on his official website. My guess is that the way that Twin Peaks ended up still irks him. Lynch did not want to reveal Laura Palmer‘s killer so soon but the studio forced him to. And his plans to direct other Twin Peaks films were thrown out the door after Fire Walk with Me flopped. Hopefully MacLachlan will do the series justice. Then maybe Lynch will jump on board, too.

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