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Lady Christina Wants Her Throne Back

In 2002, pop princess Christina Aguilera got down and dirty for her semi-hit single “Dirrty” (actually it peaked at #48 on the Billboard Hot 100). In the video, her skimpy clothes are torn and tattered, and her skin looks about as clean as the fans at a Phish concert. People were turned off to say the least. Her career has never fully recovered. And now that Lady Gaga has burst onto the scene — taking the persona that Christina once wore so well and amplifying it to the most annoying degree, the “Genie in a Bottle” hitmaker wants back in.

Unfortunately, the press has dubbed her as a Gaga wannabe and her comeback as anything but. Her new single, “Not Myself Tonight”, is aptly titled. Christina needs to re-invent herself and stop trying to emulate a pop singer that borrowed from her original sexy, fashion-forward persona in the first place.

Lucky for Britney Spears that there’s nobody else going for the bubble brained, erratic Southern baby mama persona. She’ll never have to worry about battling for the spotlight in that department.

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